WAY Out in Left Field: An expression
indicating that someone thinks WAY outside
the "box".  


So, I am in an imaginary factory which has
several workshops where I produce specialized
artwork for you.

The "chop shop" is where the A.I. Metal
Dogs are constructed and put onto T-shirts.

The "Portrait shop" is where portraits are

The "Seasonal Workshop" is where
seasonal calendars are produced.

The"Commission Table" is where special
orders are filled to the  satisfaction of you, the
My overall goal is:

- to provide you with a high quality product
- to satisfy your expectations. (whether it be
on a t-shirt or art print that can be matted and
- collaborate with you on your design idea and
present a finished product that will knock your
socks off!!!

Having a pencil in my hand, and paper in front
of me is my goto position. I predominantly use:
graphite, ink, conte, coloured charcoal, and
digital art.

I have always been in the art business,
however, THIS business has been up and
running since 2016.

I welcome you All to the factory at
       WAY Out in Left Field
    "where we make it happen".

Find me on:

Facebook     @ wayoutinleftfield
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