What is provided at WAY out in left field?

Innovative thinking and creative designs*.

We make great designs to put on T-shirts using the OkiData
White toner Technology Laser Printer.
 This printer is
amazing.  The design feels soft on the shirt and not
"plasticky" and is durable.

I also create custom images for matting and framing
pencil, ink, coloured charcoal and digital art programs.

You decide upon the size of the rendering and we will give  
you an estimate of pricing.

The Chop Shop
A.I. Metal Dogs shown in the gallery can be ordered on black
or white T-shirts.
You can also send a picture of YOUR dog to be rendered as a
metal dog and pressed onto a
 Black or white T-shirt.

Price : S M L XL XXL XXXL @ $30 ea + TX
Shipping : free

The Commission Table

- a likeness
- a resemblance
- a distinguishing characteristic

In this category I take the picture and scenario you send me
and render it in colour or black and white.
This final product can be matted and framed upon request,
and will be included in your cost.

Write an email describing a situation that you would like
rendered. These are great gifts.

Price: $75 per impression + TX
Shipping: extra

The Portrait workshop
Portraits are done of Loved Ones and also much loved pets.  
These will be predominantly in graphite, Ink and conte.
are accurate and precise capturing the essence of the subject.

Prices: 5x7 - 8x10 @$80. per subject + tx
            Larger portraits - from $120 to $200 + tx
Shipping: extra

The Seasonal Workshop

The Snow Baby calendar.
It runs chilly all year round for those who love the snow.
The fact that the calendar will start on the month you specify
gives you the maximum use of it for the whole year.

Price: $40 + tax
Shipping: Included

Coming soon!
A 1940's Jazz band calendar which will honour all the jazz
lovers of that era...except in snow scenery.

A Scarecrow calendar will be coming out which glorifies all
the fall scenes all year round.


All of these wonderful options are accessible to you by e-
mailing your request on the
contact us page.

Please feel free to leave your contact informaton so we can
get all the fact
s documented in order to better serve you!